Serenity Arts

A Non-profit for Local Artists and Students

THE MISSION of Serenity Arts Nonprofit is:

1) Support the efforts of local artists at the grassroots level, creating a strong community and providing them low cost studio time, networking events, shows and materials. 

2) Help students who don't have access to art by providing classes, opportunities to express themselves through art, and support in applying for college and scholarships. 

Serenity Arts is a very new endeavor, and has not yet received grants or sponsorships. We are trying to launch our programs in January 2020!


To support our very important mission within the artists' community here in Houston, please go HERE.  You generosity and kindness is so appreciated! Your donation will help us to keep art supplies and studio time and learning opportunities available to local artists and students who don't have access to art in school.

We are operated and managed by Donna Layfield, owner of Serenity Studios. You can contact us through that website, or find us at

1331 Yale Street, Houston TX, 77008

(832) 831-3156

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